Should I Send My Child to a Special Education School?

Autism Parenting Magazine Cover

As soon as children receive an autism diagnosis, their parents grow concerned about what the future might look like for them. Will their child be able to function independently within the community? Will he/ she be recognized for his/her talents or overshadowed by a label? Will he/she ever be able to live on his/her own?

This leads many parents on a search for the “perfect” school for their child. Some go for the traditional public-school setting, hoping the inclusive classroom set-up will allow for more interaction with neurotypical students, along with federally mandated special education accommodations. Some choose smaller private schools, hoping that, with lower numbers, their children will receive more one-on-one attention.

Many parents have opted to send their child to a specialized school for autism, with it’s many advantages including therapeutic support, individual attention, and fully-trained specialist staff on site. Kevin Gersh, Founder and Chief Autism Officer of Gersh Autism details the many benefits for sending your child to a specialized school for special education in this article featured in Autism Parenting Magazine. Check it out here or the button below.

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