Wonderful School! My son has been here since 6th grade and is now in 11th grade 2017* I adore the staff and he’s made so much progress through the years that I would recommend it to any family needing a caring place for their child. It’s now 5/2018 and my son is graduating from Gersh, I’m simply in awe of the school and the dedication they give to the students! My son will be attending college after graduation and Gersh was one of the main reasons he was able to do this.” – C. F.

Our son has been going to Gersh since he was 4 years old. The staff and administration has helped our son and us so much that we are forever grateful.” – Anna S.

Gersh is a very good school dedicated to kids on the spectrum. The teachers are caring and trained in the ABA style of teaching which is proven to get the best results for the kids. They engage the kids in numerous activities both on and off campus. And the founder Mr. Kevin Gersh is a great person who cares about the kids and treats them as his own.” – Hilma A.

My son has been attending Gersh for 6 years now and is about to graduate! Gersh is our second family, we can’t say enough about the school. He’s grown into this amazing young man, and gersh has been there each step of the way. Anyone thinking about puting thier child into this school and have thier doubts please feel free to contact me anytime!” – Caroline F.

It was the best choice my son had sensory needs which was not being addressed in district. Today with wrap around care where everyone us on the same page after one year my son who was considered by the district non verbal is now fully verbal with cognitive awareness. And able to socialize thanks to the committee staff at. Gersh my son is on the pathway to a dignified and meangful life .because Gersh understands goal must be meaningful ienlight if my child’s curcumstances.” – Caroline J.

I loved that place I would do anything to see my friends/teachers Gersh has changed my life I miss being there.” – Former Student

Gersh Academy is an awesome school for autistic children and their programs are phenomenal.” – Tenaj D.

5 star support services for adolescents on the autism spectrum in transition from high school to college to life. A comprehensive support touching on every challenge from money management, household management, academic, emotional, social and life 101! This is one group of happy and involved young adults living in a community that feels safe, celebrated and loved. Thanks Gersh! The staff is THE BEST!” – Donna S.

I just want to thank all of you for making our son’s first camp experience truly one to remember. From day one he came home with the biggest smile on his face, and it never went away. As parents, this meant more than you could imagine, especially when opportunities like these are so limited for our special children to participate. We look forward to doing this again next summer.” – Helen and Tim K.

Thomas has learned so much since being a part of the Gersh family. He participated in activities I NEVER thought possible including zip lining and high jumping on the trampoline. He was trusting of the staff immediately, as were my husband and I. He interacted with other campers so nicely. Thomas absolutely loved the entire experience….. including the bus ride there, to all the special things everyone did for Thomas to make him feel comfortable; having his favorite French fries for him at lunch and sending us amazing pictures throughout the day. The time Thomas spent at Gersh Academy @ WHDC was truly an amazing experience as I could tell by the smile on his face every day when he got off the bus. I encourage ALL parents who have a child on the autism spectrum to choose Gersh for their child. We CANNOT wait for next summer!!!!!” – Tracey G.

My kids have been going to West Hills for years. We love the family atmosphere and the dedication the staff shows to our children. From the beautiful landscape to the exciting activities, this summer home is what my children look forward to all year long.” – Mikola Family

At Gersh Academy we feel like we are among family, like we are at home. We know that our son is comfortable, it is a very nurturing place. Academically he is flourishing and socially he is much more outgoing; more comfortable in his own skin and his surroundings. Since coming to Gersh Academy he is more verbal. He used to give us one word answers and now he tells us what’s going on.” – Anthony M.

Our daughter did not want to go school before Gersh Academy, she was absent a lot. Within the first few months she developed a nice feeling of trust with the staff where she was very willing to go to school. They don’t reprimand or use a reward system they are all just warm and understanding which is what she needs and I think every child needs. Intellectually I see her flourishing because she is much less anxious so she’s able to concentrate better. We feel very fortunate to have found a nice safe, warm, inviting atmosphere for our daughter.” – Jane R.

The teachers are great, they are able to customize the lessons towards the students strengths. There’s nothing better than seeing the excitement in the air, the smiles, creativeness and teamwork. Gersh Academy gives the gift that keeps giving, “ENDLESS ADVENTURES.” – Donna B.