West Hills Academy Student Performing Stand-up Comedy

One Step Closer – Bringing Joy to Others

Program: West Hills Academy
Campus: Huntington

This student always had an incredible sense of humor that is mature beyond his years. Prior to coming to West Hills, he had a history of struggling to balance his quick witted remarks with appropriate classroom behavior, often causing strife that he couldn’t understand. Our staff embraced his funny bone, but also helped guide him in learning the “right timing” to showcase his talent. He is now a role model for other students in his class and thriving both academically and socially. He also recently debuted his talents to the greater community in his first ever stand-up routine! We are so proud of his achievements – don’t forget us when you’re famous!!

About the One Step Closer Campaign

For over 30 years, our mission has never wavered, to change the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. We are humbled to have helped so many children, so many families across the U.S. and abroad thrive.

All year, we’ll be sharing the stories of our students and families – stories of hope and progress, of perseverance and success. Stay tuned for stories from each of our programs, including our schools, summer camps, clinics, and post-secondary programs, and all of the fantastic students and families we’ve had the honor of impacting. Keep watch here and on social media for more of these incredible stories.

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