Gersh Experience Student Holding his Diploma

One Step Closer – A New Horizon

Program: Gersh Experience
Campus: Patchogue

This student joined Gersh Experience in August 2016. Prior to joining our program, he had graduated from high school and successfully completed several classes at Westchester Community College. Seeking a greater breadth of independence, he moved into his own apartment and enrolled as a Liberal Arts major at Suffolk County Community College in the fall of 2016. After three years of hard work, persistence, and dedication, he received his Associate’s Degree in the fall of 2019. Despite initial uncertainties about the future, this student continues to successfully live independently and manage his own apartment, and he is currently developing his job skills and attending a work-readiness program. He is looking forward to receiving gainful employment in the near future.

He is an intelligent and talented young man with a bright future. We are proud of all his accomplishments and we look forward to his continued growth and success.

About the One Step Closer Campaign

For over 30 years, our mission has never wavered, to change the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. We are humbled to have helped so many children, so many families across the U.S. and abroad thrive.

All year, we’ll be sharing the stories of our students and families – stories of hope and progress, of perseverance and success. Stay tuned for stories from each of our programs, including our schools, summer camps, clinics, and post-secondary programs, and all of the fantastic students and families we’ve had the honor of impacting. Keep watch here and on social media for more of these incredible stories.

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