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Crotched Mountain School Building

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Crotched Mountain School to Remain Open Under New Ownership

Crotched Mountain Foundation has found a way to keep Crotched Mountain not just operating but grow to help more students.

In coordination with the state of New Hampshire, Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services Gersh Autism is initiating the approval process to take over the operations of Crotched Mountain. Under the agreement, Gersh Autism will assume full operational and financial responsibility for the day and boarding schools serving children and adults on the autism spectrum effective the date when they are slated to close.

Ensuring a Seamless Transition

For over 30 years, Gersh Autism has been successfully operating educational and therapeutic programs for children on the autism spectrum. Gersh Autism is working with local officials to secure approval of the ownership transfer and transition of the appropriate licenses so there is no interruption in the educational services for students and their families. Crotched Mountain Foundation will continue to operate the school until the acquisition is complete, with Gersh Autism providing consulting and operational assistance at no cost during the interim period to ensure a smooth transition.

“Contemplating the closure of the school and our Greenfield Campus has been extremely difficult and heartbreaking for us and for the community. We are elated to know that our current students will be well taken care of, and that Crotched Mountain School and our mission will live on and expand over time to meet this growing need. We believe Gersh Autism is well suited to continue and build upon the legacy of service and quality we have all worked so hard to create over the last 67 years.”

Ned Olney, CEO of Crotched Mountain Foundation.

“Crotched Mountain School’s closing announcement left many families saddened and deeply concerned for their children’s education, development, and future. With limited options and Covid 19 compounding an already challenging placement process, this agreement between the Foundation and Gersh Autism is welcome news for the State of New Hampshire and the families and students we serve.”

Frank Edelblut, Commissioner of Education

Gersh Autism

Gersh Autism has been changing the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families for over 30 years, providing a full portfolio of services including education, therapy, independent living skills, life plan management, residential services, vocational training, events, summer camp, driving school, ABA therapy, equine therapy and recreation. Gersh Autism believes every individual deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive in a school setting, as well as in the community and home. Its teachers/therapists identify the thinking and learning styles of each student and develop a customized program to help meet their potential and personal best. With a team of more than 400 professionals, Gersh Autism currently operates schools and programs throughout New York State, Washington State, and Puerto Rico.

“We are thrilled to be able to help keep this wonderful school open now and into the future in order to serve those who need it most, especially during this extraordinary period of uncertainty. Combining our skills and experience with the strong foundation already in place at Crotched Mountain School will create truly pioneering programs, adaptable to many different individuals and carrying out the shared mission to help those with special needs thrive. At a time when many programs across the country are struggling to survive and meet the needs of families and school district administrators, Gersh Autism is pleased to play an active role in bringing innovative solutions.”

Kevin Gersh, Founder/CEO and Chief Autism Officer of Gersh Autism.

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Gersh Autism is working towards a seamless transition of ownership of the Crotched Mountain campus. Current students will not see an interruption in services, and prospective families may begin registering their students for Gersh Autism’s groundbreaking services today.

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  1. Thank you so much for keeping Crotchet Mountain open. You will never know how important that place is. Joe s.

  2. Gersh Autism acquiring the Crotched Mountain School is truly a miracle. Having been Chaplain at the Crotched Mountain School for the past 34 years, I know how critical this facility is to so many.

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